San Bernardino Mountains – CA

Taking a drive along scenic route is a perfect way to disconnect from our everyday stresses. At least once a month, my fiance and I drive up into the San Bernardino Mountains to explore. I highly recommend it! It is absolutely beautiful and filled with life, if you simply take the time to enjoy its natural state.

One of my favorite things about this drive is seeing how incredible Mother Nature is in her different states. Watching the transition between the desert to the forest never ceases to amaze me.

View from California State Route 173

Driving along California State Route 138

One of our favorite stops along the drive is Lake Gregory in Crestline, CA.

Lake Gregory in Crestline, CA

We continued driving and turned onto the California State Route 18 to continue up the mountain. Every single time we are on the CA SR-18 we stop at the Donald S. Weimer Vista Point that is along the right hand side. It is a perfect place to stop and take pictures, however remember to take the time to put your camera down and marvel at the view with the naked eye.

View from Donald S. Weimer Vista Point

Continuing up the mountain there are spots to park alongside the highway to enjoy the serenity of the forest.

Take the time to explore your surroundings and immerse yourself in nature. It works wonders on the soul.


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